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The specs are pretty much fine; it's the defensive that needs adjusting, because you waste too many GCDs trying to keep yourself alive in pvp.

The damage isn't too far off the mark. With the new augments, a passable madness parse is like 9800; a passable lightning parse is like 9550. That's not too far from the other ranged classes. Madness only needs about a 200 dps increase; lightning needs maybe 50 at most. If bioware simply buffed Demolish overall damage by 11 percent for madness, and buffed Thundering Blast by 2 percent, they would hit these targets.

Moving static barrier off the GCD (and giving it a 4 second cooldown) would go a long way. Better yet, move resurgence off the GCD as well (but extend its CD to 9 seconds). This would still emphasize kiting while rewarding players with high apm by increasing their DPS under pressure.
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