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Buoware have been lying to us on how balance should work. Madness is sustained rDPS and its dps is so low compare to burstly mDPS.. even though they should be on the same target dps. Any range class is better thn a sorc. People who are trying to say that we sorcs are crying too much are wrong. I am a top sorc on a dummy and I can do revan hm as a sorc dps but there is no way my sorc is usefull. I do 5.1k on core burn as a sorc while on a merc arsenal i can do over 6,5k. I rerolled on mara and managed to do 6,5k on core without even trying hard.

So yeah sorc need a big buff otherwise it still will be the wors dps class for NiM content and ranked pvp.

PT is the best mDPS atm. Feels like good players left the game and only casual players stayed that don't do NiM contend and Tr but do sm and unranked and saying thet sorcs are ok.. tired or u guys...
Top sorc parse in 2017? LuL. Do you want a cookie? You complain about sorc dps. Have you even cleared all of the NiM content as one this tier? If not then I really don't think you are in a position to talk about what/why sorc is "bad". Lightning is perfectly fine where it is. Madness does need a boost for sure, but all I ever see from you is complaints with no concrete ideas on what could/should be changed. Do you want sorc to be better or do you just want to complain about how bad it is? Based on your post history over the last year I would say it's the latter.