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Hey! Congratulation on finding the time to fix the small stats increase given by Assassin's and Shadow's Double Bladed Lightsabers... BUT NOT ON FIXING OUR SCREWED UP PHANTOM STRIDE THAT STILL IS ON A GLOBAL COOLDOWN AND CAN'T TELEPORT YOU PROPERLY!

That was a priority right there! Fantastic!
Not Commandos that can net you through Shroud or Roll, not Holobugverse and Random Stride, nononono! The buggy little double saber!

A game changer, thank you!
Now this sin can finally sleep well at night.
Yeah it looked pretty dumb.. watching deception and hatred sin being so bad in sr and the new set bonuses, tactical items for sin are pretty garbage compared to jugg and sorc one makes me think devs decided to keep sins useless in pvp. Mediocore dps, low defenses are not outpowered by more mezz and cc sins have. Looks really dumb