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So for this video I'm actually not going to talk too much about the game itself since like you said you hadn't read the feedback and adjusted anything it was pretty much more of the same.

You do talk about how Heavies can kill you super fast on your first death I think you missed the fact that Optimus had Damage Overcharge and that's why he melted you so fast.

In your video you talked about and showed that you use the starting token to help yourself along with one ship to get a decent starting one going. While I do think this is a good idea on a new alt I think it's a very bad idea for your first GSF character, what you really want to do is buy all the ships with that 25k fleet req so that your dailies/weeklies are giving maximum value all along the way.

In the last part of the video you used some req to buy components and crew members I feel you made some poor choices possibly based on incorrect information.

In the crew section, you take +6% accuracy and +2 degrees firing arc, increased firing arc actually doesn't help you that much with Railguns as if you're firing shots at the very edge of the firing arc you have such a low percentage chance to hit, that passive often isn't worth it. If you instead take Rapid Reload -12% reload time on secondaries the cooldown in between firing Railgun shots in lowered, this is especially useful with Ion Railgun now since it's cooldown was raised from 1 second to 2 seconds meaning this passive knocks off 0.24 seconds off that cooldown.

In your defensives you take +evasion and +damage reduction, most weapons that a Gunship gets targeted with Ignore damage reduction completely as such the damage reduction passive really isn't worth picking up here, it's much more useful to just have a higher shield total to let your evasion stat do more work.

In your engineering section you really take a misstep. The Blaster effiency passive that says it makes all blasters use 13% less weapon power only works on primary weapons, as such it has 0 effect on Railguns, you're much better off either taking more engine power to help with retreats or if you really want to fire more shots take the extra weapon power pool as this translates to more Railgun weapon power.

In the actual ship build section everything looks good except the reactor choice, Gunships don't really have good ways to regenerate shields in combat. Meaning you have to wait a full 6 seconds after you get hit on a shield before this reactor does anything at all. Large Reactor maxed out gives your Gunship 340 more shields on each arc, Regeneration reactor gives you +17 more shield regeneration per second. In power to shields this becomes 25.5 shields per second. What this means is that in order for you to gain back that 340 shields you lost by not taking Large reactor it would take you 13.3 second of being in power to shields after the initial 6 seconds of recently consumed delay.

Basically you'd have to not get shot for 20 second while being in power to shields just to equal Large reactor, if at any point during those 20 seconds you get shot again, it shuts off your shield regeneration for another 6 seconds. There's no case where Regeneration is ever better then large reactor on a Gunship.
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