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So just a question for you number crunchers out there: when it comes to Thermites what's the difference in total damage it does the left T5 increased duration and the right T5 Plasma Warheads?

I know that, in terms of overall group utility, the left T5 is the way to go. But if you're looking more for which makes a Thermite do the most damage by itself does the T5 right upgrade pull way ahead of T5 left? Or is the difference fairly small?

I'm asking mainly because since the mine nerfs there seems less of a pressing need to weaken their defenses for as long as possible to give my team a chance to bring down a bomber. So I've been thinking that increasing the total damage Thermites do on their own so as to be more lethal to non-bomber targets might be the way to go since it might make a difference between the DoT killing a strike/scout and them having just enough hull to limp away.
Get the duration. More time under the debuff is better.
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