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02.19.2020 , 06:16 AM | #29
I came back after a very long time away and saw that everyone just runs veteran flashpoints now for all their gear, it is rather disappointing it takes all purpose and reason out of doing operations and really gets rid of the endgame grind, I have absolutely no idea why they would do this outside of wanting casual players to be able to get the top end gear. It feels lackluster and doesn't feel like an accomplishment when you hit 306 and have all your gear perfected, which doesn't take very long it took me about a week and a half on my shadow to get it done. Now what am I supposed to do? Continue to run flashpoints and do conquest and make credits? If operations have no purpose and do not give better gear why should I bother to continue to sub? Giving everyone the top end gear for running flashpoints nonstop is not a solution to making everyone feel included, it cheapens the gear climb which this game had it pretty good back in 2.0 till about 4.0 it reduces it down to what can people do that requires the lowest level of coordination possible, I have always loved the operations in this game and was excited to come back and do them again but after this gearing process and getting to max so quickly it really took a lot of the fun out of it. Obviously this game has gotten a lot more casual over the years and has massively shifted towards that.