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It was proposed, during PTS for 6.0, that they developers re-introduce the concept of tiers for flashpoints and operations. If you recall, this existed in 1.x and even in 2.x for a time ... For example, Kaon/Lost Island were considered tier 2 flashpoints in the 1.x era. Explosive Conflict and TFB were tier 2 ops during 1.x (yeah, TFB was originally a 1.x op that came out just before 2.0 and was re-scaled to 55 to fit with S&V).

I would support re-introducing the tiering with appropriate scaling of rewards to match the difficulty. I don't know that this would completely address your concerns, but I would tend to agree that harder content should more reliably award set boni and tacticals; mods with legendary-level amplifiers that make sense (i.e. no Force Sensitivity on Barrels and no Periodic Intensity on Resistive armorings); BiS item modifications like lethal 80R-2/3/5. It can be frustrating to do a vet mode hammer station and get a 306 optimized hilt, and do master mode Umbara and get 302 crap, or worse, the proverbial "slap in the face" of 306 A mods. Of course, I get plenty of that junk on vet mode too, I just have a better chance of getting a tactical from the master mode than I do the veteran.
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