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I understand what you mean, but has it ocurred to you that people move away from ops/raids cause they aren't as fun to them than say dungeons or pvp?
I do all kinds of content. I like to vary. I don't think forcing people to do something that they might not be able to do or dont enjoy to be able to progress their character is fun. I do think you still see this in WoW glasses where the shortest route to power is everything. It's an extremist view that that game employs and why features like housing are a laughing matter over there.

The game has to be fun for everyone and fun should always be the objective of games, not the shortest way to power.

With that said, ive got to correct some of the things you say. Ops and difficulty level increase the ammount of drops and quality of drops you get. It is not the same as running veteran flashpoint, for example. And as i mentioned Dxun has exclusive rewards too.

I think what needs to change is the way ops are delivered. I think people prefer pvp or FPs or dailies cause of lower commitment.
I do like what they have done with the group finder in putting 1 boss raids in there. That is exactly the solution to get more people raiding. It's to make it more acessible, not in difficulty but in commitment.

Also, i gotta say. This game went for years without a new OP and you think the raiding community is imploding now? Honestly, i don't think the solution is to force everyone back to doing ops if its clearly not what they want to do.
Oh no the community imploded ages ago after they announced KOTFE but alot of them came back after they announced that they were going to be bring back regular OPS again which is one of the things that brought me back well other then wanting to play with my mates and new xpax.

I do agree that yes everyone has differant ways to play and i also agree that putting the one raid bosses in the GF was a good idea as most people don't really do them that much even when they were current other then the golden laama because of the isotopes.

The states of MMO's in general is in a weird state and honestly the way they are doing it now is both confusing and worrying. I honestly just don't see the way that they have done it now to be good since it will have major player burnout with the contant rewards, Humans are programed to go the path of lease resistance when it comes to getting what we want, Players want gear and now we have a path to unlimited gear and i'm seeing people going crazy to get it hell i'm already lost alot of guildys because they have just gone crazy farming fragments and mods to get their BiS from flashpoints.

At least when it was sending us into OPS we could only do it once a week on a toon so we had down time to just derp around and have fun in, I love OPS and that was were i had the most fun the in game is that to say i don't like flashpoints not at all i love doing them but at the same time i know that doing what they did now isn't a good idea because well like i said people are getting burned out because they are farming them 24/7, What would i do if i was in charge well honestly i don't know i can see where you are coming from having more paths for gearing is good but it has to be done right or we get what we got now which is just a shower of gear.

Honestly i don't know the best path no one does because we all want differant things, i want the game to still be good and have people running alot of differant content so we don't get burned out but the thing is you can only do the same thing so meny times before it gets boring and i am near that limit, so meny hammer stations and red reaper and before you ask no i don't just have them selected i have all selected for the bonus everyone just wants to do them, I wish they would let us take a few off and still get the rewards i could take those 2 off in a heartbeat.