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01.31.2020 , 11:04 PM | #22
*sigh* i'm so sick of hearing the same argument of it's nice to get the best gear for doing next to nothing because that is all it bloody is, it's not i can get gear doing what i want it's i can get gear for doing the minimum amount of work to get it.

Tell me i'm wrong and explain to me why you think you should get the best gear in the game for doing anything other then the hardest content in the game that you need to gear to do. People say i don't understand why people think the WoW way is best, well i will answer that because not only is it not just the WoW it's the RPG way, you know the genre of game we are playing.

The whole point of a RPG is to lvl up then gear up your toon and you get that gear for overcoming challanges in this case OPS so that you can take on even harder challanges in the future, if you arn't doing OPS you don't need the bloody gear, the gear you get outta flashpoints, missions and crafting is more then enough to do all the content in the game besides Ranked PvP which has it's own progression path and OPS which has it's own progression path and rewards.

The reason why i am saying this is because it is becoming a trend that is not only hurting gameing but i honestly fear it could destory it as well, People are willing to spend money to skip content in Single player games now like WHY the challange was why we played game and now people seem to ether just forget that or not care because it's not what they want and don't give a rats *** about what other people enjoy just to please themselfs and that is what is happening to MMO's, Their are lots of people that work hard to get their BIS and deserve that gear and not only that if you ask them for help 95% of them would give advice and help, the amount of times i've seen people back in SoR that would help GF OPS groups learn the fights and help them with advice on their classes was honestly one of the best things i've seen in a MMO in a long time and that is gone now because they are gone with these changes.

This type of gearing system is both good and bad for multiable reasons but it is most bad.

The good: it is really quick.

The Bad: it devalues the gear, it makes doing harder content unapealing because you can get from anywhere, next to no one does OPS anyway, makes running outta content faster and causes burnout super fast.