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I am just curious what different people consider a "quality match" in PVP. I think it's an interesting topic, because I never really thought on it much till I seen some Nautolans bringing it up in the other thread.

Personally, I call a quality match one where you literally fight a closely contested WZ till the very end, and even when the match ends you are not sure who won. I like these types of battles!

Whether it's a deathmatch that is highly competitive or an objective based map like Huttball. In fact, I don't even get angry when I lose after matches like these, because of the fun they provide while in the WZ.

How about you Rodians? What do you consider a quality match? My definition is definitely not the same as the guy who Alex describes.

for me quiality matches if we win and we kill alot and steamrolled anemy , if i lose and get rekted by premade i say that is not quality matches click here for referal code you you get: FREE TRANSFER , FREE STUFFS, FREE 7 DAYS SUBSCRIPTION, FREE UNLOCK AND MORE