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To Alex,
I ask you to stop trying to tell everyone what you think my reasoning is for anything. Every time you have done this, you have been flat out wrong. Each time after, I made a post explaining my reasoning for all my opinions. You just seem to refuse or you are unable to comprehend my explanations even though I have tried to make them as clear and simple as possible. But even with all my efforts, you continuously create your own explanations for my reasoning and then try to tell everyone that YOUR explanations are my explanations. It's this repeated behavior of yours that leads me to conclude for myself that you are a simple troll and that is why I have no respect for you.
I'm just pointing out your lies and delusions, that's all. Your explanations about "high quality matches" have no basis in reality. I think it's important that people understand that the only reason you preferred the old matchmaking was because it stacked teams in higher ranked players' favor and therefore you won a lot more. It had nothing to do with supposedly "higher quality matches." The matches were never of "higher quality." In fact, it's the opposite, because the current matchmaker creates the most balanced matches possible, unlike the old matchmaker. The truth is important here, and I will keep repeating it as long as you keep denying it.