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The Story behind my character goes back to a game I was the GM of shortly after KoToR was released. It was Star Wars RCR D20 game set 15 years after KoToR. Mind you, this was before KoToR 2 was released. The main villain was a sith lady named Darth Sorde. She was a Jedi Knight turned Sith, and was one of Darth Revan's generals during the Mandalorian war and the Jedi Civil war. She was also his secret lover.

Shortly before Revan was able to enter the Mandalorian War, Darth Sorde, then known as Kira Mayne, had a secret affair with Revan and got pregnant. The Jedi Council suspected that Revan was the father, but she refused to say who the father was. As a result of her defiance, the Jedi Council took the child away from her. They thought this would help prevent her from forming attachments to the child, but it had the opposite effect. She grew bitter and angry at the Jedi Council, and followed Revan to war. When Revan returned at the start of the Jedi Civil War, she commanded the third largest fleet next to his and Malak's. When Malak betrayed Revan, she pulled her fleet back to the unknown regions and formed a powerbase. She fell into obscurity.

15 years later, which would put it shortly after the events of KoToR 2, Darth Sorde returned and held the Republic at bay. She prevented them from rebuilding, but refused to conquer the Republic. Instead, she was searching for something, or someone. This became known as the Sith Cold War as Darth Sorde gathered all remaining sith forces under her flag. The Republic Senate formed a special task force of their most experienced Soldiers and Jedi to infiltrate the Sith forces, and assassinate the Sith leaders including Darth Sorde. The idea was to strike at the head to destroy the body. Leading this team was Jedi Knight Anyka Mayne, Darth Sorde's daughter. At the climax of the campaign, Mother fought daughter, but the outcome was not as they thought. Everyone believed that Anyka emerged victorious. She secluded herself in the Jedi Temple, refusing to take on a padawan or speaking to people about her ordeal. 40 years would pass until the next phase of the story.

It was the 100 year anniversary of Exar Kun's defeat that ended the Great Sith war. A dark side cult called "The Order of Freedom", lead by a charismatic draethos force adept named "Lord Grahck", was growing in influence. It became influential enough to challenge the Jedi Order. A battle broke out between this cult and the Jedi Order that was fought in hiding. It was known as "The Shadow War". Anyka Mayne broke her seclusion and took a young girl as her first padawan. The girl's name was Tonya Hesbo. When Lord Grahck was finally defeated, the Jedi thought the war was over. However, it had only begun. Anyka revealed herself as Darth Sorde. In truth, mother defeated daughter by becoming a sith spirit and bonding with her daughter's body. She had been lying dormant for 40 years until she was strong enough to take full possession of her daughter's body. Tonya was taken as her knew apprentice, and it was revealed that Tonya was Anyka's granddaughter and Darth Sorde's great granddaughter. Anyka also had an affair, but kept the pregnancy secret, and gave the baby up for adoption.

Before the Jedi order was able to finally defeat Darth Sorde, the sith lady bound her dark spirit to her progeny. As long as she had a living female heir, her spirit was immortal. Tonya, who had taken up the name "Darth Mentia", was last seen entering a small transport with a few chosen handmaiden protectors, and she was 6 months pregnant. This was the start of the Mayne family of force users.

The Mayne family is among the most powerful families, nearly on par with the Skywalker family. However, the women of the line nearly always fall to the dark side. Men, although not as powerful in the force but still impressively strong, are not as susceptible to the dark side. The current heiress of the Mayne family line is a young sith warrior named Athlia Mayne.