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10.18.2013 , 01:56 PM | #15
I usually manage to get them around to 5 Mbs. Way too big for blogs to upload, those sites are usually pretty wimpy lightweights in terms of upload sizes (allowing <1mb for .gifs). But there are plenty of sites that let you host them no problem, I use for the most part.

Of course depending on how much you want to show in the .gif, that could make the size a problem. I had to jack up the Lossy on my .gif of Tenaden to 17% in order to keep the size around 5Mb. That, or I could have reduced to colours from 256 to 128. In this case, but not always, it looked better with the Lossy effect. The reason I had to resort to that was because of the panning I did in the .gif, which included a lot more colours & scenery, rather than my still shots.