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Oh, it is on purpose all right. I didn't actually believed until i saw it...the disaster in 2017 for this game...Then its not hard to realise, EA are first and foremost incompetent (they can only make one-dimensional sports games) and greedy. They only care about short-term profits - look how quickly they abandoned SWBF 1. They will make BF like their sports game - once a year or two, to squeeze more money from people. They are totally inept at realising that keeping up a MMO in good health is important even if you must spend resources on new content (it will still make you millions), they just operate in blind greed.
The other side is incompetence - what they with KOTET here, what they did do Mass Effect and other numerous games and studios like Visceral. I can go on and on, but it aint nothing that hasnt already been said about them. CD Projekt Red puts them to shame....they showed that you can still make a fortune if you put your heart into your game.
Their sports games are sucks hard, last sports game I purchased from EA was back in mid 2000s, NHL 2007 (?) don't remember which year but that was the final NHL game on PC, after that they focused on consoles. Basically they releasing same game every year or so with different name, perfect example is FIFA, god what a disaster FIFA games are nowadays, stupid **** they put something called "FUT" still don't even know what that means nor what that is, but probably something about in game shop. I still remember the good ol' days when FIFA meant something, FIFA 2002 and 98 aka "road to world cup france" was the good football games in my opinion. Now all I see about FIFA is ronaldo/messi everywhere.

As for the CDPR, %100 agreed, Witcher games are truly fantastic games. Not much else to tell, simply and easily best RPG/open world games. Plus, CD Project RED is a independent developer, meaning no publisher can mess with them, thats also means one simple wrong move can lead to financial issues. And yet, they managed to create an amazing game with tons of awards they gained. well deserved. Speaking which, Steam Winter Sale 2017 is almost over and community selected Witcher 3 as "choices matter" award. well deserved indeed.

I just hope EA don't plan to kill off BioWare, after the ME Andromeda disaster I read somewhere on the web they did somesort "changes" on one of the studios BW have, dunno its true or just a rumor, not interested to search it again.

But I do remember EA destroyed devs like Maxis long ago, original developers of Sims series, they used them like a toilet paper and then killed it. Same goes for Westwood studios as well, devs of C&C Red Alert games, a good enjoyable RTS games, EA did basically butchered them.