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12.15.2011 , 01:49 AM | #39
Just clear some confusions.

Bria is split on several servers:

Warriors of the Shadow, PvP, US-West (KTD, McO-E, MOB, CTP)
Helm of Graush, PvP, US-East (ATO, Hadishi, DNet, TRW)
Vulkar Highway, PvP, US-East (BLC, ROA, Dogs)
Veela, PvP, US-East (Vauntgard)
Terentatek, PvP, US-East (GRD, WoW)

That is the info I have for now. I might add more guilds if they post here. You might not recognize some guilds, as they choose new names, or merged, or are not 100% old Bria folks.

Don't believe when someone tells you Bria is here, or there. The truth is - Bria is everywhere.

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