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You're again overestimating the importance of soldiers in the Empire. They have zero authority of any kind. Republic troopers at least have some, particularly the special forces.

And yes the Agent isn't military, but the game flat out mentions that an Imperial Agent is the pinnacle of power any non-Sith can ever hope to achieve in the Empire. Although I think even a slave acolyte has more authority and power then an Agent.
I don't understand what your definition of "authority" is. Republic troopers have zero authority of any kind, even their special forces. Their authority extends to the mission they are on and no farther, the EXACT same as with the Empire's soldiers. So what exactly do you mean by "authority". A special forces trooper can't come into the senate and start barking out orders to senators, just the same way an imperial trooper can't start barking orders to sith. They're the exact same authority wise and power wise. So please explain what you mean because I am woefully confused how you think republic troopers somehow have more say then imperial troopers.