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07.06.2017 , 06:41 PM | #18
So what if at this Vendor you could spend Requisition on Ship parts that weren't bound to your character. This way you could give them or sell them to other players. This would give you a way to gear your alts as well as give other players an alternate way to purchase upgrades for their ships.

For example say I have my Blackbolt on Imperial side, what if through a vendor I could purchase a "Rocket Pods" component for I don't know 3000 Blackbolt Requisition. I now have this item I can mail it to other players or put it on the GTN. You could also have different Items for say the first Upgrade of Rocket pods which might look like "Rocket Pods - Ignore armor upgrade".

If you really wanted to get crazy maybe for a ton of requisition you could buy an entire mastered ship if you just happened to have that Lying around.
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