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I would rather people do it the right way and post a video imo it's the fairest way. It's not just whoever gets there first and cheeses it wins. It's obviously up to whoever's hosting it though

oh hey its kind of nice to post something and having people agree with me but yeah like you said. i won't ask for required stream or anything (because i think that's lame) but when someone post a brontes kill, have to have a video/stream verification in the following week to stay in the leaderboards, Hopefully mister Fuyri agrees with us here .

Also if someone forgets to record it like it could happen, we could ask for Combat logs of the fight and pretty sure if we have multiple people verifying it, we can notice if it was done the right way or not.

However this depends on what changes they did from pts to live, but like i said, we need to set the rules before starting so everyone that wants to be part of "this thread" are on the same page

EDIT: **** i posted it right after fuyri posted it lolol... however that's great job there, i agree with the verification on Brontes only. good luck everyone tomorrow have fun
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