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TL;DR: Stop blaming your lack of progress on rng or bugs. There ARE bugs and there ARE some attempts that are more complicated because of luck, but you can overcome them with organization, communication, and a tiny bit of skill. Come to these forums for suggestions and help, but if you're too stubborn to listen, don't blame the game for your own failings.
I'm not "blaming" any lack of progress on anything. My guild didn't start operations until about a month ago, once a week. We've cleared 4/5 HM EV and will be doing KP this week on HM and I'm completely satisfied with that. I could care less where my progress stands compared to other guilds.

The intent of my original post was to agree with the OP, I just happened to come across your "holier-than-thou" snotty post and thought it needed to be responded to. In addition, when the boss resets 3 times in a row because someone got stuck when the floor fell out from under us.. I think I can safely blame the game if I so choose. Those 3 in a row came just after we spent an hour fighting a bug on the council (fight>reset>fight>reset...). Oh, and did I mention the puzzle bug? Bug after bug after bug after bug.

Excuse me for expecting end-game content to work properly when the game has been out for 3 months.