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I can appreciate your perspective, and I can make the assumption that you are a very good healer and your guild is lucky to have you. But what happens if you're in a mind trap and the other healer gets pulled in the air? just like the scenario I mentioned in my earlier post. There is nothing a healer can do about that, just like I said.

One of our attempts, our Sorc healer blew up his ball, started casting a heal on himself and was immediately pulled into the air. Even with that, he WOULD HAVE survived the fall damage if he hadn't landed on top of another lightning ball. Which will supposedly be fixed in 1.2... but I'm not holding my breath.
I never really understood where the problem arises when one healer is tossed and the other is trapped, both effects last around 10 seconds and the only damage the occurs during this is two orbs, no one should die in the process since everyone should be high on health anyways and it's not like someone will take an orb and get tossed because a healer is already in the air. The tank will take a few hits which aren't bad and become practically nothing if they decide to pop a cooldown.

Sure when the healer lands and the other is broken free, there is a ton of damage to be healed up for but that's the exact moment cooldowns are made for. I've never really noticed an issue with getting everyone at least at 50% by the time the next air toss occurs and setting priory immediately to who gets the orbs next.

and I agree completely with the orb -> toss -> orb combo is just ruthless. My guild has done everything we could think of to avoid that one and it still occurs occasionally. Not enough for it to be a game breaker though.