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I disagree, as a mercenary healer I watch the people running for the orbs and time my heals to go off just after contact. One cast heal to one immediately followed by a instant cast heal to the other, ensured their health is high enough to survive what ever could follow that. I don't do this every time due to obvious reasons but half the time I'm aware if someone is already in the air or not based on what I see in the raid frames. On top of that, when I go myself I use my own bubble shield and take only around 35% of my health.

There is far worse things then situations 1 and 2 occurring in that fight. All of which involves someone doing something stupid before hand. Taking extra ticks of damage from orbs, hitting two orbs at once, not hitting the orbs at all. These are the unpredictable situations that, when conjoined with the RNG, will lead to health being around 5% or less
I can appreciate your perspective, and I can make the assumption that you are a very good healer and your guild is lucky to have you. But what happens if you're in a mind trap and the other healer gets pulled in the air? just like the scenario I mentioned in my earlier post. There is nothing a healer can do about that, just like I said.

One of our attempts, our Sorc healer blew up his ball, started casting a heal on himself and was immediately pulled into the air. Even with that, he WOULD HAVE survived the fall damage if he hadn't landed on top of another lightning ball. Which will supposedly be fixed in 1.2... but I'm not holding my breath.