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01.18.2012 , 06:33 PM | #2706
I am a small republic player on The Ravager (pvp) server. Making valor lvl 60 tok me about 2 weeks of daily warzones for 12 hours and more, but i finally did it. After today patch i heared and saw myself some horrible things, including imperials making 16k valor in 30 minutes, ppl with valor lvl 1 that visited Ilum today for 1st time reaching valor 65 like 4 or 5 hurs ago (dunno what lvl they have now) and over 120 imperium vs 27 republic players on ilum. I say *** !!! Endless farm of valor on turrets and unaware players for imperium (mostly). This is what's happening on most servers and BIOWARE know it !! And it will continue because many ppl don't visit forums (and sadly this one still don't have search option). Me, and many ppl like me spent a lot of time to reach it while now because some devs don't want to think (sad and hard, but also true guys). Probably we would do same, but on most servers republic is outnumbered like 1 for 3 imperials. Half of my guild, one of largest on republic side dil end game tomorrow since they didn't subscribe, others are gonna play much less till subscription is over. This won't be only server with ppl quitting like this, and if it won't be fixed/rollbacked many more will follow nad quit. I know there are many pve players, some gt nice items today, but they can be remade, advantage on pvp you worked for for over 2 weeks that opposing faction can make in less than 1 day is unfair for us. Rollbacking this is in my, and many other ppl (i know fair imperials who think same) only option> but 2nd thing is preventing it in future, imo make bth bases inaccessable fr pponents, put energy walls that are protecting huttball spawns (or whatever it is there :P) on base entrances. We have all big area if we want pvp and make daily, but we also need some sanctuary to rest and when 1 guy is getting pwned by 50 or more when exiting speeder is not fun and make ppl quit very fast and so many ppl quitting this nice game with big potential would be bad, but devs need to THINK, listen to us a bit and maybe allow ppl to create lvl 50 chars on test servers (and delete them every day) so end game content can be checked also, because leveling on test server ... just seems bad.