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07.05.2013 , 03:50 PM | #9
You know what I find incredibly arrogant Carl? Your one sided view of my way or the highway that you have been spouting for weeks on the forums here after DnT skipped DG and killed the rest of the bosses first. Guess what only a vocal minority were against it. We received praise from people via whispers on our server and PMs on forums for making the hard decision to skip DG the first week and miss out on a chance not only for the first kill of them but for the loot upgrade which would have helped further down the road. The fact is we looked at how much raiding time we had on the week and made the hard decision to skip. We downed the remaining bosses with little effort and only a couple of wipes. The fact remains though that we did indeed kill them first and discovered the bug with terror about a week in advance allowing BW to fix is pretty quick.
Do you honestly think there is no skill involved with a guild that was able to down the rest of the bosses with little effort? Do you think operator and kephess are free loot? Are you honestly that arrogant that you would rather point the finger and insult someone else because you cannot accept the fact that they made a tough decision and went on to kill other bosses? Get over yourself.
The only thing the vocal minority like you has done is discourage other guilds from participating in the progression threads. When you look at the community and see that less and less guilds are participating I suggest you take a good hard look at yourself. Its because of people like you that you are going to see less participation in the future progression threads because instead of doing the right thing and simply saying grats on the kill and the tough decision you hold resentment like a child and would rather remain on the forums bashing others and acting like a e-moral centered brat who is essentially bullying others away. I will not stand for it. You should be ashamed