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10.31.2019 , 07:14 PM | #4
Ez mode for healing

Afk / go grab a drink or something til you hear "targeting bla bla bla acquired"

Return to your keyboard and cast

Resurgence - Innervate - Expunge at 5 stacks - Force Barrier

Sometimes it's good to top off your tank with another resurgence - innervate again after the shield wears off.

Don't use these skills at any other time during the fight. Save them "Targetting bla bla"

If your tank finds other ways to get himself damaged or goes afk himself,

Just cast a random heal off your bar and consume darkness as you see fit.

If your tank is decent, in between lasers you can send your companions on missions, drop some cartel items to entertain your bored group members, engage in chat or whatever you feel like.