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While the boss is channeling his ion cutter attack on the tank, every tick of damage applies a stack of the debuff, increrasing the damage of that ability. So even though you cleanse at 4-5 stacks, the tank is still being hit by that channel, so he will immediately regain stacks. Now depending on your tank, you can handle this different ways. if your tank is properly using their cooldowns, they should be able to mitigate a couple of those channels. Jugg tanks don't want to be cleanse when they have reflect available bc they want to use reflect as they get to higher stacks. Sin tanks can use shroud and stealth to deal with the beam. PT can use energy shield and explosive fuel.

As a sorc healer, i would suggest to bubble the tank as soon as the channel starts then you can cast resurgence>dark infusion>innervate>cleanse. at this point the tank will probably have dropped to about 50% hp, but you are cleansing closer to 6 stacks so they won't get to high stacks again. They otherwise shouldn't be taking too much damage in that fight so it is relatively easy to heal so long as you play around the beam correctly.

Keep in mind of course that these are random flashpoint pugs, so at least 50% of the time, if not more, your tank will probably have no clue what they are doing. you can try to explain to them what to do, or just heal through it if you can manage.
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