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Ok all you lore buffs. I feel I need an explanation. How the heck did Empire get so powerful? I played through the story of SW and found myself very confused. It seems like the Empire is more busy killing off their own then they are troubling with the antics of the Republic. The capable generals are used as puppets in Sith games while capable spies get killed off because reasons while capable Sith get killed off because whims of other Sith. How, how, how does an army like this even function? How did they even grow as powerful as they are? How has this not blown up in their faces???
The Empire is only so powerful because of the Republic. The Republic went to Korriban and started killing everything that had redskin be it a child or an adult. This caused what remained of the Sith to withdraw to unknown space, where an opprtunistic Sith called Vitiate took advantage of a peoples fear of extermination; it was the Republics genocide that allowed Vitiate to rise to power and be seen as a hero to the Sith race at the time.
Then Vitiate began preparing to invade republic space, while also inciting the mandalorians to attack the Republic, and eventually getting Revan to turn and fight the republic. Then once vitiate was ready, he attacked the Republic.

So how did the Empire grow so powerful?
There was no galactic power to keep Vitiates empire in check.
Vitiate was very active up to the peace treaty with the Republic which Revan had a hand in influencing. he kept the Sith below him in line after the last group of Sith that attempted a ku he devoured, and it changed the climate of Dromuund Kaas. it wasn't until Vitiate became increasingly absent that things started falling apart in the empire. In short, Empire had a strong leader and military that was allowed to expand unopposed for centuries while the Republic had been plagued with three major conflicts and weak leadership ripe with corruption.
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