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12.09.2019 , 03:07 PM | #11
IMO, the Disney Star Wars movies will be well regarded in a few years.

I mean, look at what happened to the prequels. Hating on them like they were the essence of evil was all the rage for a few years. Now, I consistently see people talking about how underappreciated the prequels are and how they got a bad rap. The Disney movies are far better than the prequels, so I think the rebound effect will happen even sooner/in greater magnitude for them.

Look, Star Wars has always been dumb. If you watch the original trilogy without nostalgia goggles, they're dumb movies. The acting is borderline bad (particularly in A New Hope). The dialogue is cheesy as hell.

But it's freaking Star Wars. So it's awesome. I mean, I love 'em. I'm a hardcore SW nerd - read all the legends books, watched all the TV shows - I even watched the freaking Christmas special. Twice.

And guess what? I like the Disney Star Wars movies. A lot.

Star Wars has always been dumb. It's also always been great. Because it's Star Wars. The Disney movies are no different.

CinemaWins has a great video on the Last Jedi that mirrors my feelings about Disney Star Wars. Here's a link if you want to watch:

It's a great video that I think everyone who's legitimately angry about Disney Star Wars for whatever manufactured reasons should watch.