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Ah, I see..

As I complete planet story arc missions, will I still have the opportunity to find new companions? or are the people you meet in the Chapters it? I noticed there are a lot of different companions to buy skins for and was wondering if i blew my shot at finding new companions and having interesting conversations by ending the Chapters (Becoming Darth)?
Just an addendum to everything that's been said. Some of the companion skins you're seeing are for the companions of different classes. You're playing a Sith inquisitors story.... the Sith Warrior, bounty hunter, agent, Jedi knight, trooper, smuggler, & Jedi Consular all have different companions and different stories in chapters 1-3. You'll even meet some of the other companions as you play through all the class stories during companion conversations. So don't be afraid to try the different classes! The vanilla (chapt 1-3 stories) content is by far the best in the game imho.
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