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The base Class story will give you just five Companions, and their stories pretty much "end" when your main Class story ends.

If you start KotFE, you will lose those, but have the option to recruit other, new companions as you play through that and, if you continue, KotET and beyond. Plus, depending on your Class, some or most of your "original" companions may return, via various Chapters, or via Alliance Alerts, so you may get a little more "story" with them, but it's pretty minimal. (Offhand, I don't recall if any Class gets all the original companions back - yet). And after you complete Chapter IX of KotFE, you will have a terminal that allows you to "recover" companions you have "lost" but who haven't yet returned through the story.

You can continue to gain influence with your "original" and later companions, as you play through the various stories, though which ones can get influence from what story choices will vary. Generally, only the later companions will gain influence from your dialogue choices in KotFE and beyond, but you can still gain influence with the "original" ones if you go back and do various Planet arcs, side missions, and heroics. And of course, you can always increase your influence with them by giving them gifts they like.

And then there are a bunch more companions you can acquire via the Cartel Market, some as direct purchase, others as random, very rare drops from CM crates, and a couple acquired as "event" rewards. Those don't really have much in the way of "story", so you are pretty much limited to "buying" influence with them via gifts.

Last I counted, you can have something like 50 or 60 companions, if you're really determined to get every one possible, though there's no real need for more than nine (eight to run Crew Skill missions, while you adventure with the ninth). Note that the Droid and Creature type companions from the Cartel Market can't do Crew Skills.

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