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Told him I was recording to show Bioware and the next 2 matches he can’t even get 100k because he turned his cheats off. So sad.
the only sad things here are me (im just generally sad person), and you, making up all these stories to try to get attention
you've been going on about cheats for ages now without a single clip for proof, zero, nada
"i told him i'll record so he turned his cheats off" lmao sure Kapp

then, after you "failed" the first time to "record" by telling you were going to record, you still didnt manage to clip the part where he destroyed whole team solo while being 13lvl. Why didnt you clip it? Suddenly forgot how to? Why did he suddenly turn the cheats back on when he knew you were recording him? Or did he use a hack that disabled your clips?

imagine playing since launch and still getting rolled by level 10 jugg on lowbies and being so tilted you have to come up with a story how he is a hacker lulw, just take the L and go agane, no need to come up with these stories

"My biggest issue was the abilities he used that he shouldn’t have" OkayChamp :thumbs_up:

can't wait for next episode of trixxies adventures PogU Clap
whats the next hack you come up with? enemy removed only your abilities in a match, no one elses from his or your team? enemy deleted your character? your whole account?
WeirdChamp point_right :door: