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I have been mainly focusing on pvp at level 50 since the patch came out. It is super tough to stay alive in 1.2, let alone keep anyone else alive. It seems in order to do any healing of any kind I can only spam Dark Heal in between SB and Resurgence cool downs. Even then I feel like I am only healing myself, if I stop to heal anyone else, I'm toast...

The rate at which damage is incoming with one competent dps on you is extremely hard to to overcome. By no means do I think I should be able to stay alive with 2+ dps on me solo, but I should have a fighting chance with only 1.

Before my main heal in pvp was DI, now I guess its DH, it for sure doesn't allow for a lot of moving around.

Our operation night isn't until Monday, I am really worried about the consumption change, and being able to keep up with the heals. My primary heal in ops is innervate followed by a consumption, guess I will need to change that up, maybe utilize the longer heal times.

This whole patch as put a bitter taste in my mouth about pvp, I really hope they address it soon.
I'm worried about my Operation too, with the Consumption change it makes me worry about too many variables as a healer, instead of being able to sometimes help out with the DPS. I hope the Bosses dont have alot of HP as b4 from Nightmare or else we're going to be wiping alot. So I can focus purely on heals.

I did hear about the revivification change, but for some fights we need it at specific points because of the dynamics of the fight so that really is painful. Maybe

For PvP its a nightmare, I got no burst heals, I have to worry about myself more than my team. So I'm focusing on my self more than anything in PvP which is the wrong idea, I cant assist really anyone, the only up side is that I was able to survive the Marauder/Sentinel Smashes but this isnt a 1v1 game its a WZ game so when another one just comes up regardless of spec I go down quickly. I dont have anything I can give to heal someone as I'm mostly focusing on myself too much. So yea I dont think I can bring heals to PvP.

Like to know if BW wants us to worry about so many things to heal so little? I'm not following their PvP strategy or PvE, and I feel that if this was to remove AS MANY Sith Sorcs to balance out the classes, then this will probably kill it. Like it did with the Operatives becuase I see about 10 in my server at level 50. LOL.