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If you want to complain about the class fine, dont do it on this thread, this thread is not about the complaints we got alot of complaints about it we know the problems. Either you deal with it or make a thread and complain and unsubscribe or whatever. But if you havent nothing to do but whine its annoying.

Asking for helping, suggesting what to do and inquiring things are cool in this thread, the "I'm done because some class pwns me like a pwny" should be on another thread. Just not this thread because venting it on my thread is not going to help you in any way.

EDIT 17/04/2012:

For PvP the biggest issue is Melee and their interrupts, even Operatives who know the KB counter can really stuff you out, so even if you put in slow and sprint most likely most melee will slow and disrupt you force before delivering and OMGWTFBBQ attack.

Pugging as a healer only works if you got a competent group who understands that protecting the healer through taunts (forget guard because if they do alot of damage then they just murder their opponents anyway) can bail you out.

For Revivification, again as stated helpful, but if you can avoid using it, because 1 resurgence should cover you from the consumption.

For most PvE fights not really a problem, its all about adapting, though if we need burst, Sorcs are not the ones to do it, thats the Operatives/Troopers job now especially Operatives that can do a 1.5s Main Heal at 6k+ followed by a Surgical Probe (which is about 1 or less seconds that could crit at 4k+) .

That said you can still do well with 2 sith sorcs even for HM EC, just that you need to be switched on and be proactive to when to land a big heal or not.

EDIT 16/04/2012:

Ok, after PvE and more PvP and talking to fellow Sith Sorc Healers, I'm getting more used to this. And I'm able to reheal at the norm again. Since we lack burst it means for Clutch PvP matches we need to be on top of our game.

As DHallerLove states, DI is still useful, but for burst at clutch I'd go with the Resurgence -> Dark Heal, but thats only IF necessary as this will burn my force fast.

I still say Innervate to get the proc for consumption is still a must, but if you gear crit first you should be able to use Innervate for the proc without Resurgence.

Revivification is awesome but "not" vital especially if you can swap between urself and the target ur healing for Resurgence.

For gear wise I think Crit 300 -> Alarcity 300-> Surge 300 -> Force Power now, but I could be wrong. UPDATE: I got the buff from operatives for 5% crit always, so I can even drop Crit further down a bit to buff up Alarcity quickly so I can purely focus back to Surge and Force Power.

The old way was Crit 300 -> Surge 300 -> Force Power, where Alarcity was only "semi" useful.

As for PvE its not so bad, so long as you spam Resurgence and DI alot, its actually pretty effective that you can actually miss a consumption or two.

Revivification seems to be force efficient to use too, not sure if this was adjusted but I noticed that as long as I follow my rotation to include innervate -> consumption I'm not too bad for force, and I rarely run out of force unless **** hits the fan.

================================================== =

Ok so My Sith Sorc Healer BM is crappier than my Operative Alt wearing only Rakata/Columi gear....

Instead of qqing and threatening or unsubbing I'm hoping I get an idea of how others are coping with this without the drama llama.

The worst of the crux is how consumption even with the proc that we get from innervate on a crit doesnt seem to help much as I lose some hp.

Which means that I need to worry as a healer about 3 things:

- My Force.
- My Health.
- My Allies Health.

Before all I worried about was just the of my allies health but this adds a new wierd dimension that forces me to consider how I need to do my rotation since we got no way to recover force even with a 650 force pool which lasts about 1 minute if I dont use consumption.

I dont know the rotation which makes it double worse but I figure that its now:

(Shield) -> Resurgence -> Innervate* -> Consumption -> Revivificaiton/Dark Infusion -> (Shield).

(Shield) When I can

* Where innervate at times I need to cast it on myself for healing consumption, could probably do that every 2nd or 3rd innervate, but its abit annoying to sort of do that.

With the rotation, I can solo using my tank companion to do most of the quests for heroic but when it comes to the new Heroic at Black Hole I cant do much because i get attacked alot. Even if Khem Val hits is taunting which is kind of annoying.

If you guys know a better rotation for PvE and PvP that would be great. But its so lacklustre that I'm losing a reasoning to play this game at all.

EDIT: My skill points is the stock standard 31/7/2.