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it is true, sometimes, we manage to burn ourselfs in terms of energy - this is due to the crit we return from our dots, that before was 2 and now is 1.

and i suspect bw also knows that since one of the new set bonus, for op/scoundrel is, after u use holotraverse you will get some energy back.
Note that it isn't dot crits that return energy, it's dot ticks. (It used to be 2 energy per crit, now it's 1 energy per hit). I think that overall that means slightly less energy regen, but it is more consistent. During Augmented Toxins you have a higher that 50% critical chance for your dots, so more than 1 energy per crit on average, however outside of this window, you'd have on average less than 1 energy per hit, since on average you'll have less than 1 in every 2 dot ticks crit outside of this window.