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Add those who drop a hyperspace beacon somewhere useful
and then stays back out of trouble to keep it active as long as possible ... every game I do this I get tagged as not participating but clearly am in that I have a non-violent beacon assisting my teammates ... what's the point in dropping a hyperspace beacon if I then go into combat and die 10 seconds later ?
I can understand your concern, but consider the following:
  • It is likely that only one of the two nodes you have put your Beacon between is under heavy attack (or any attack). Going to the off-node, usually the 'side' one, will not only ensure you are contributing by being on an objective, but will also help your team defend that node if the attack shifts there.
  • Taking yourself out of the action puts your team at a significant disadvantage regardless of your Beacon placement. Guaranteeing the other side numerical superiority is not helpful to your team.
  • Bombers can survive quite well by keeping Line of Sight (LoS) broken between themselves and attackers by using the satellites' many protrusions as shelter. Combining this with your mines makes it difficult for enemies to attack you.
  • Your Beacon helps your teammates after they've died. Help them even more by contributing towards keeping them alive by using your mines to deny the enemy easy access to the node, which also creates an area of strength for your teammates to fall back to if necessary.
Once you learn how to use your Bomber's components and crew to good effect, and when you master the art of being hard to hit in close spaces, you'll be a valuable contributor to your team.

- Despon