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I would agree with Des's last response - in a dom matches the dynamics are different, altho you do evaluate threat levels unless every name is a big hitter. It really would make no sense to let random newbie pilots take a sat unopposed unless you were intentionally giving it to them in a game you already know was won.

Every now and then I will intentionally allow a newer pilot to blow me up as I remember how I would try so damn hard and usually never get credit for a single kill. That's not to say people don't earn their kills on me as plenty do - but there is a difference between someone who can kill you and someone might just tickle. That's in matches already won so as to not disrespect my fellow teammates and cause a loss. Typically, if I'm in a match I know is won I'm far more lax and easy to kill than one that's neck and neck.

On the other hand, I do think expressing some restraint is warranted when your team completely outclasses the other side. I remember when I started I would respawn and moments later die from something I never saw. It was almost enough to get me to quit as what's the point of just clicking respawn repeatedly for several minutes.

Last night I had a match where we completely outclassed the opposing team. I ended up mostly going after someone with a racist name repeatedly to not feel so bad as the two fellow aces on the other side had more than their fair share to deal with.

Of course today on TRE I was not afforded any such mercy in the same circumstance but when they're mean over there it's not with attitude or anything.

Mid match the pace is generally moving too quick to really provide in-depth assistance - I don't think anyone aside from Stasie has gone as far as Despon has in trying to help new people. While me disagree on certain perspectives, you'd be hard pressed to find anybody more patient and willing to help with GSF as Des.
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