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I see quite a lot of premades on Star forge at the times I play. Both in lowbies, Mids and lvl 75. They really stand out because 75% of my games are arena.
Itís actually really sad because I know some of the names and they are often ranked players. The experience is like putting a solo queue team with an ELO of 1100 up against a grank team with an ELO 1500
Bioware donít do that to ranked because itís unfair and everyone would cry about it. But Bioware and many premaders thinks itís ok to do it in Regs?
I can tell you before this lock out buff was added, I would just leave those matches. Now we canít and you get stuck into a loop rotation where every other match is against them and they taunt you in chat. Itís actually worse than the toxicity Iíve seen in ranked. They kill any enjoyment you might be having and people stop queuing, which kills the queue faster than it used to.
Whatís worse is it also keeps making matches 3v4 against these guys. So not only do you pop against a premade, you also have one less player. But if we decide to leave the match, we get slugged with a 15min deserter timer.
I can categorically say from my experiences in a low pop environment, that the debuff is actually hurting pvp pop times and numbers outside of primetime. Itís doing more harm than good.
Good post I agree. Now that every reg is a sweat fest they mine as well do away with ranked and just make every reg warzones have a ranking. The fact that ranked pvpers are forming groups on discord and sweating in regs just shows that they are scared of facing players of equal skill and just want Easy stomps against inexperienced pvpers new to the game and honestly solo queuers In general. You basically just hope that you get a quality premade on your side or your ****ed. Iím an average pvper, I do 10k dps In certain arena matches but the change needs to go.