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I won't be resubbing, the player toxicity has gotten too much for me and I'm really only here for story. I got used twice in this game and the worst part is one involved a 15 year old. I don't like how we are teaching kids it's okay to use other players to get what we want and I'm not here nor do I want to pay for the real world aspects of this game.

What happened? Well I found something in this game I thought I was good at and actually enjoyed, jugg tanking operations. Though I will say that I was getting bored with just doing SM OPS and wanted to get into harder content and twice this mission has failed.

A guild used me and one other person in the game to steal a player we had in a prog group the three of us had made to start working on doing harder content. They misled me knowing they did not need tanks, stole the player, destroyed our prog group and didn't care who they hurt in the process all cause they were giving this player an "opportunity". No person deserves to be used in real life or in a video game and no "opportunity" should be worth using another human being.

As I said this is the second time I've been used, the first being a possible online romance scamming where I was getting promised by a guy we date while I bought Cartel Coins to get him items he wanted and bought his subscription to the game.

The other person who got used made a statement that disturbed me claiming "I'm use to being used." This should not be a norm.

Why am I saying this? Cause from what I've heard SWTOR is like all other MMOs and all people do is make excuses for this disgusting behavior. I won't ever play another MMO due to the experience I have had here.

On top of that people talk about sexual stuff in front of minors, etc. It's too much and I don't want any part of it. I want SWTOR to be better than other games but I doubt anything will be done but you can still hope putting this out there that people will see their toxicity is helping aide in the game's destruction and I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Some may say I shouldn't let what other players do affect my game play but it does cause I'm not here nor am I willing to pay to deal with the real world in this game. SWTOR has and always will be my escape from the real world and it's the player base that is ruining it for me.

I only subbed to get the new expansion but I've quit doing OPS, I will do HM flashpoints and WBs but I won't touch actual operations anymore in this game cause I don't like getting used by people.
I am sorry to hear of your experiences, the world is getting very chaotic and insane, where children are not taught to be responsible and respectful and adults openly talk about all manner of things in front of children, its just so insanely bad.

I am not very sociable, i tend to avoid communication when possible and i tend not to group up for anything, since i play different games throughout the day, i do not play a single game all day long, i play a multitude of them throughout the day and that can tick people off, hence why i play solo and only group when it is needed at that particular time.

I am fortunate to not have experienced what you have and i am honestly sorry that you have experienced it, but you shouldn't leave the game for that, i would suggest we play the game together, but as i said, i play several games throughout the day and i do not and never will take handouts from players and i certainly do not like being carried in content, i prefer to carry my own weight, so to speak.

Overall, i also play for the story and that also ticks people off, that i don't space bar through the scenes....i just laugh to be honest.