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Not everything in life is all Roses, Sugar and Cream.

The Roses have Thorns.
Sugar attracts ants and,
Cream turns Sour.

But we learn to Roll with the Punches and not to simply Stand there and get beat upon.
It only bothers you, because you Let it bother you.
Laugh and Ignore the Ignorant, laugh at their stupid comments in chat, they're only words after all. If chat really bothers you that much, turn it off. As you have said there is nothing worth reading there, just kill it.

As for being USED?. In 20 years of playing MMO's I don't think I have ever been Virtually USED.
I know you want to make friends and trust the people you group with. But you must temper that trust with a fair amount of caution. Not all of the people you meet in MMO's are your friend, nor do they wish to be your friend either.

Quote: Originally Posted by DarthEnrique View Post
On top of that people talk about sexual stuff in front of minors
This game is rated
Blood and Gore
Mild Language
Sexual Themes


This game is for TEENS and ADULTS not MINORS.
If you have Minors playing this game, and they Hear something they should not because they are playing a Teen / Adult game then that is on YOU and not the players of SWToR.
HK-55: "Do you think she passed her test?"
Z0-OM: "According to my sensors.... NO