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A game with decline subs has little to worry about from gold farmers and hacking. Why bother, there is no reward for the risk.

Legacy is a great thing. Maybe as advertised, not as implemented. I watched the guild conference in full, and never was there a hint that speed boost would cost you 2 million credits to get. It was advertised that it would be Legacy or credits. Only one thing is beyond legacy 15. I think I was legacy 15 by the end of December. The Legacy tree system is stupid. You can't have a rival, an ally and a sibling. How stupid is that? If Luke Skywalker was the center piece, you couldn't have Darth as Nemesis, Han as an Ally and Leia as a sibling. Its all a big credit sink. Chest color matching is not working as advertised. Guild banks cost 600,000 for the first slot. My guild can't even have one bay for free?

There is more broken content than there is additional content.

Don't forget that they failed to include in the patch notes that Battlemaster armor mods do NOT carry the set bonus -- despite us being told they would. So many of us wasted $500k taking them out and having to put them back in.