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Very exciting!

- Some kind of effect that backloads the damage of our two DOTs would be a very good idea. Reduce the damage across the board by something like 25% but each tick increases the damage dealt by 10-15%.

- Reduce the duration of your DOTs by 33% but increase the damage by 33%, for solo-oriented players.

- Reduces the duration of Weakening Shot or increases the cooldown, but also increases the bonus damage it grants.

- A piece that lets your Orbital Strike apply your DOTs, so you can use the cooldown with target switching or just make fight openings a little bit slimmer. Or a Cull-style bonus damage effect for Orbital Strike?

- Replace your Corrosive Grenade with Corrosive Mine. Exactly the same skill, but if it doesn't deal any damage on anything at the target area, it creates a mine instead.
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