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I mostly main Viri and DF DPS these days, though have played all roles over most of the classes in the past.

Id like to see a choice between spreading the DoT on more targets or narrowing it to a few. - But overall the damage total would be the same over the duration.

- Then you could fine-tune your DF/Viri class for certain PvE objectives - such as lots of adds

or narrow the scope for PvP - when you're less likely to have only a few tightly grouped enemy players in one space.

IDK whether these proposals can be flipped depending on what PVP map pops, but If you're gonna mess with what we currently call utilities then you need this to be switchable - at least on a map-by-map basis if not encounter by encounter.

ATM I'm kinda okay with the class and rotation. - don't go messing that up too much. It'd be nice to see some harder solo PVE encounters where you have to go through the full rotation at least a few times..... Since most things melt really easy - especially with a DPS companion in tow.... You rarely get to freecast in PVP so going through several rotations is actually quite a rarity.

Overall though If I'm honest. Fine tuning the balance between classes is always gonna be better than introducing a whole set of new variables - unless you're gonna do balance passes every few weeks to ensure it is working correctly..... Past history suggests otherwise.
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