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I'd like to see a tactical item that affects two abilities: Corrosive Grenade/Shrap Bomb and Suppressive Fire/Sweeping Blasters. How I see this working is that the Corrosive Grenade would be more powerful (cause more damage on initial impact and more damage per tick and impact a radius at double its standard impact) and Suppressive Fire would have a poison effect like Cull to allow for more damage output for AOE attacks. Real world example: Corruptor Zero fight. I toss a corrosive dart and a corrosive grenade onto a trash mob in the middle. It hits all the targets within a 20 meter radius instead of (I'm making up the original number because I can't remember offhand) 10 meters. The corrosive dart/grenade combo is now melting away the targets at double the damage (dart still at normal damage). Then I lay down suppressive fire with the poison effect from Cull added into Suppressive Fire, and now corrosive dart and corrosive grenade are doing even more damage than before. In addition, in fights like the Hive Queen, I could lay down a Corrosive Dart > Corrosive Grenade > Cull and switch to a Royal Guardian and let the Corrosive Grenade tick at higher damage than before on the Hive Queen while dealing with secondary targets of interest.

Overall, this would put in place an AOE system similar to Corrosive Dart > Corrosive Grenade > Weakening Blast > Cull except for multiple targets for AOE heavy fights, like Corruptor Zero, Hive Queen, etc.
Or maybe something kinda similar to that, but instead suppressive fire acts like every tick also applies weakening blast. So on a target that has both dots, if you suppressive fire that target, for each tick of suppressive fire, you get a 2 ticks of weakening blast on that target because it has both dots.
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