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As far as I understood your main concern is having balaced matches?
Being able to block people from matches would definitely enable you to adjust the teams the matchmaker proposes.
But what would happen with this?
Let's take my char for an example:
I just checked my average stats after nearly 2000 games recently:
Kills ~5 Assissts ~8 Deaths ~2-3 (each per match)
These stats look average for 2000 games. especially since I have been flying a lot of T1 Bomber with seismic and interdiction. Not much kills and assissts there.
But depending on the opposition I had a game yesterday where I was K/D/A 23/0/9 or sth similar. If the blocking would be available ther probably would be around 14 people that would have blocked me. So as long as even one of them queues I would not be able to play. Out of my perspective that is sth really bad since that would destroy my free time activity since I mainly play GSF in my freetime...
Additionally it wouldn't really make things better. Due you have an idea how many people there are that can get 20+ kills in TDM? Well you can block everyone after identifying them manually. Have fun ;D

That aside yeah the matchmaker is really crapy from time to time. Yesterday for example we had a close game, good job matchmaker. Next game all the good people from the previous match are on the same team...
So sth like a better matching system would be good. I even can see people on ignore being not put in your match or on your team and friends preferably in your team as a preference. But only as a preferance, so that both parties have the chance to play this game.

On another node what I would favor would be if the matchmaker would look for similar strong teams with a better distinction. So that it can distinguish between how good people are, gives them a value and makes teams so that the teams have roughly a similar value. A lot of people have discussed about this already and there are several threads about "how the matchmaker could be better"

Yeah if you have enough friends that want to fly (just for fun) going to the custom matches can definitely be worthwhile.
Though you need a few friends for that. Aside from that you can also avoid aces by adding them to your friendlist to see when they are in a game and only queue when they are in on or if they are offline. In general most of the aces only fly in the evening and morning / afternoon is normally a pretty good time to find other newer pilots.
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