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The suggestion that was aimed at me, that I should just find a group of my own if I don't like it, doesn't seem realistic. On the drop of a hat, at any random time when a group of 4 elite pilots happens to form a team and start queuing, I'm not suddenly going to be able to find an equal number of basically equally skilled pilots to form a second team. I don't have the metrics available that the game's internal mechanic has for sorting pilots according to skill level, and finding several top notch pilots at a moment's notice just because another group has formed, is often not going to be available.
This bugs me the most. You're not supposed to be able to find random people at the drop of the hat that can instantly go toe to toe against better teams.You're supposed to find like minded people who will put in the time & effort to cultivate each other until the group as a whole becomes the better team. In any team based PvP game your carefully selected team will absolutely come across a better one & get squashed. It takes a lot of time, effort, and passion as a team to improve as a whole before taking on better teams.

Rather than demand others not play the game as intended, here is an actionable plan you can implement on your own just by willing it:
  • Determine other pilots of merit. You can do this by looking at the end game score board. Perhaps take top few names down. Pick whoever on the opposing team you felt gave you the most trouble during the match. Or if you slaughtered the other team think about who did their best despite the situation.
  • Invite them to group. Plain and simple. Not everyone will accept. You have to be consistent and persevere.
  • Group with the same people regularly. Again you need to persevere until you find friends who will group consistently & regularly.

After that you & your merry band will begin the journey of getting good as a team. Your team will get squashed every now & then, but you have to pick each other up & press on. You will eventually learn how your team plays & each other's quirks. You will learn how to help each other shine the most. You will improve each other collaboratively.

In the wise words of a particular French purple mineral, why can't GSF-ers learn to do what every PvE-er in the game picks up easily?

If you refuse to do these simple steps, you need to be honest with yourself that team based PvP is not for you. No one is given a great team on a silver platter. You work hard together to polish what you have.