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Give it a chance.. it's one of the better game modes. And this coming from someone who used to HATE it until back when command ranks came out and it was the fastest way to grind cxp.

I hated it. Used to average 1 assist to 5 deaths. But it was still the fastest way to make cxp so I stuck with it and made some awsome friends.. 2 years later it's my favorite game mode of all time. Therea something so satisfying about hopping into a strike fighter and going on a 15 kill kill streak. You literally feel like Poe dameron. It's a steep learning curve but well worth it.

If on star forge type /cjoin gsf for a custom chat channel with tons of pilots who will help you and give you advice or group with you. Watch despon gsf school videos and or head to the gsf sub forum here to read drakolich ship build threads. I even have a narrated let's play series focusing on tier 3 strike fighter and tier 1 gunship that may help.

But please give gsf a chance. If your in game star forge impside post for a group in gsf chat b4 queuing. Chances are at least one experienced pilot will add you and be more than happy to help you with your build and fly wingman for you so you dont get obliterated.
Ask about joining the official gsf discord server tons of great folks there who love to help.

See you out there pilots!
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