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I am not sure I understand. Thing is, there is nothing I can RE and "learn". Therefore, how can I progress this skill any further? Armormech is dead.
You can RE the green MK-0 (268) pieces to get green MK-1 (274?), then MK-2 etc. all the way to 306, but:
* It's absurdly expensive to craft the higher tiers of this progression.
* The RE-to-schematic chance gets progressively lower at higher tiers.
* You can only do this for objects *this* character's crew created.

This is the same for all the "gear" crafting skills. Biochem is a bit different, and in particular, it's much cheaper to make stuff. (Duh, it's consumables...)

Kai Zykken on the Fleet does sell set bonus gear schematics, but the whole process of crafting took a fairly severe wound in 6.0, somewhere between a mere flesh wound and a four-limb amputation.
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