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It doesn't. I just feel it should be a big choice. Choices that matter and makes sense? Then being evil and still having Republic Members, doesn't make as much sense, unless they're already evil themselves or corrupt and feel the character is a source of power.

I don't feel save place A versus place B would make a big impact, unless the game some how got us to really feel good about both places beforehand. Which won't be easy, if they can't get people to feel for two companions that have been around awhile.

I guess they can't all be choices of "Save Jaxo or let her die" *cry*
*Glare* You let her die..didn't you ? That whaling speak Volumes of GUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL did I

But I'm so saving her next , them unknown damned .

well , they couldve used the stupid system they created in place . The alliance , if you grinded all approval..ya get something about it in the story . If you didn't...repb and sith jump ya base and kick ya behind lol which is better then what we had .

They also missed the mark with the knight of zaakul . we couldve fought them or taken over their HQ . Ya many wasted chances to do more...
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