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First of all, thank you for the reply.
I have to mirror ceryxp's comment though and say that I think this is not a healthy design decision regarding the leveling experience before you hit lvl 75, and especially for players that are F2P and Preferred. I understand that your main goal is to make the endgame progression more rewarding in order to get more people to subscribe. But even as a subscriber this will continue to devalue the entire level progression before lvl 75 and keep it as a chore to rush through.
Admittedly, I have been strictly a solo player from opening day of SWTOR, satisfied to play and replay the Classic storyline over and over to the tune of 100+ alts over my SWTOR career, and was so sorely unimpressed with the KOTFE/ET storyline outside of the Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior classes that I have never felt compelled or motivated to take any of my other Classic characters into that section of the SWTOR storyline (even to get to the post-KOTFE/ET content).

Still, I find Ceryxp's comments on the expected changes compelling and sensible and personally feel there's merit to what was put forth by him. I'm hoping and looking forward to seeing a much-deserved response from Eric or the team.

When you first told us about the galactic renown system during the livestream I immediately pictured it as an analogous system to how legacy progression works, with a portion of any xp any of your characters earn flowing into renown xp and the crate reward being tied to the character item rating and level.
This was exactly my perception, too, as I watched the livestream. It was the first time that I began reconsidering my choice to leave the KOTFE/ET and post-KOTFE/ET content out of my non-force user characters' experience and remain within the Classic milieu. Eric's post to clarify that Renown would be limited to 75+ only was disappointing and discouraging after the initial impressions conveyed through the livestream.

I may be a story-only player who has very little understanding about the gearing aspect of the game, with its stats, buffs, and so on (as long as I can engage with the PVE environs to the point where gameplay has a certain flow to it, which it presently does— at least within the Classic portion of SWTOR)... I still like to see some sort of investment taking place in the background. At the start, it was my Legacy level (which has been locked at 50 for years now); it was satisfying to slowly, slowly see it creep across below my regular Leveling bar to the point where when I finally reached Legacy Level 50, I was thrilled.

This was especially "worth" my efforts because it was Legacy-bound rather than character-bound— the whole Command Rank leveling system is unappealing to me for the simple reason that I have absolutely no interest in repeating activities over and over and over in order to level each and every alt through the Command Rank leveling system to reach 300.

Out of morbid curiosity, I recently decided to move a Jedi Knight fully through the available content to see what Command Rank level I end up at after I've done every single solo-able mission (Class, Planetary, Heroic, and optional). I purchased a Master Datacron to start at 70, purchased the character-based Legacy perks to max out Command Rank XP earnings, and keep a Command XP buff going at all times... and having just arrived at Hoth I am presently Command Rank 55. I have little reason to believe that by the time I reach the end of the available content (KOTFE/ET and post-KOTFE/ET included) I will be anywhere reasonably near Command Rank 300— the idea of repeating Heroics and other repeatable content the number of times required to achieve 300 is, quite frankly, going to get a Simon Cowell "That's a NO from me" response.

To do this again for each and every alt...?! I'd be insane, given the reason why I stay subscribed to support Bioware. Others' mileage varies, of course.

So, to have been led to one conclusion about the upcoming Renown leveling system from the livestream to another conclusion through Eric's clarification post simply reinforces my decision to leave the KOTFE/ET and beyond's content to those made of sturdier drive than me. Why should I? For gear that is far beyond my capacity as a subscriber to earn unless I were to become a different type of subscriber?

Not that I would ever begrudge those who play primarily for the gearing aspect of SWTOR and engage in the unbelievably repetitive work that is required to that particular end: I marvel at their drive but it's not something that I can do (or would choose to do). My sons are the sort who love earning gear in their MMO platform, WOW, so I do get it. They're happy, and that makes me happy for them— although I'd really like to see them doing that in SWTOR.

In that sense, I think earning renown xp should start with lvl 10. Even if the accumulated renown xp would be much less compared to max lvl characters, you would still feel like your meager lvl 12 character is contributing to your legacy as a "family member" and a renown crate drop from a low level character could be valuable even for a max level character. I think doing it that way could populate the planets across the board and It would also nicely tie into your wise decision to make all the gear legacy-transferable.
My thoughts, too! In fact, I want to add that alongside earning Renown (the very name suggests the logic that as a character begins their adventure, they would gain renown across the Star Wars Galaxy— something which is even embedded within the various Classic storylines' dialogue) from Level 10 (or, once a character leaves their starting planet to begin their adventure), it would be especially rewarding to receive an initial set of gear upon reaching level 75 for all the obvious work that went into someone grinding to the extent necessary to get to 75 and to prepare them for what comes next— and then allow gear improvements to build on that under the Renown system.

To that end (an initial set of gear upon reaching level 75), tie this earnable level 75 gear set to content: it becomes available upon completing all solo-able content (Heroics, Flashpoints, and Class and Planetary missions). Players who aren't interested in a "template" gear set suitable to their particular characters' class and aren't interested in committing to the storylines would still be in a very good position to enter the 75+ portion of SWTOR, if I'm understanding gear progression correctly, since the potentially upcoming system would simply build on whatever gear those players would have earned up to level 75 anyhow, leading to better things for those players; I presume that the gear that one earns through PVP and group aspects of SWTOR always results in far better gear than what a solo player will ever see (or need!).

Just thinking out loud, I suppose.