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Please devs. I like completing the bonus missions for the heroics and it is PAINFUL waiting for the respawns on the NPCs for this mission. Please either increase the spawn rate, reduce the amount of NPCs required from 15, or switch the bonus to something not dependent on respawn timers.

I am sure this has probably been asked many times before but quite obviously nobody is listening.
They did listen on the question of the dude you have to kill for Possessed Hunter on Dromund Kaas, but of course there the problem is that when he's just been killed, the next people to come along can't advance the main mart of the mission.

There are various solutions to the problem with The Face Merchants, and probably the simplest is to, as you suggest, reduce the bonus from 15 to something smaller. The other suggestion that crops up is to change the whole area to be instanced, at which point "respawn rate" becomes irrelevant.
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