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09.04.2012 , 12:50 PM | #29
As a Sorc healer, I have to say I HATE the Overload change and feel it is going to affect healer survivability negatively.

I primarily use Overload in two situations in PvP.

1. I'm getting swarmed and stunned. Foes all around beating me and stunning me, I spam my Overload button til I break free of stun and can get it off. It gives me breathing room and a chance to survive. NOW, in the middle of a group of foes who are beating and stunning my ***, I will need to maneuver around, FACE them, and then hit Overload? The only GOOD news is I won't need to sit on another healer to give them room.

2. I'm running like hell with someone beating on my *** (I also do this in PVE). Now I'm going to have to turn around, run MORE SLOWLY backwards and blast them while I continue to take damage.

I stuck it out through the Sorc healing nerf; I'll stick it out through this, but damn, healing in PvP pre-50 is rare as hell already; I can't imagine what it will be like after this. (I can't speak much for 50 lately since I haven't been PvPing there the past month or two, but I know we lost quite a few in the "Great Sorc Nerf of 2012").